WHB01-Cass "A Nightmare on Seventh Avenue" Cassette/Trioxin Koozie


The second pressing of A Nightmare on Seventh Avenue (WHB-01 CASS) comes to you as a throwback on Cassettes...yep thats right (Digital Download will be included) This tape comes to you safely in our new Trioxin Barrell Beer koozie.

Supplies will be limited


Darrow Chemical Company: "A Nightmare on Seventh Avenue"


1) The Seventh House
2) A Nightmare on Seventh Avenue
3) Anything You Want
4) Better Dead Than Wed
5) Full Moon Rising
6) Dont Believe
7) Teenage Dreams (2011)
8) Welcome To My Nightmare

J.V. Bastard: Guitar, Vocals, Bass
Loki: Guitar
Germs: Bass
Matt Johnson Drums

Recorded at Brady Street Recordings
Engineered by Brendan Smith
Produced by J.V. Bastard & Loki
Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio
Cover art and layout by Jake Hades

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